H&H Group acquires
BB Communications Group

H&H Group has strengthened and complemented its offering by acquiring all shares in BB Communications Group, which includes the strategic advertising agency BerntzonBylund, the PR agency Mindmakers, the social media agency Socialminds and the events agency Wonderland.

The deal will make the main owners of BB Communications Group, Joachim Berntzon and Hans Bylund, partners in H&H Group together with other co-owners Sten Åkerblom, Martin Stadhammar, My Söderholm and Mia Jorpes.

"For us, this is an attractive step in our continued entrepreneurship. Together with our new partners in H&H Group, we can bring everything to the next level, both internally and for customers. With three Office of the year awards in the bag for our advertising business and a comprehensive offering in all areas of the communications industry, we are already at the forefront, but we now get the firepower to become an industry-leading agency," says Joachim Berntzon at BB Communications Group.

BB Communications Group consists of four cooperating agencies that work with both their own customers and fully integrated assignments between multiple agencies. A holistic approach to communications was one of the founding ideas of the group, which was launched 11 years ago by Hans Bylund and Joachim Berntzon. In H&H Group, the potential for cooperation further increases.

"We are passionate about developing an ecosystem with successful agencies that with great freedom and sustained entrepreneurship can continue to develop. Together, we get more power, inspiration and resources. We know Joachim and Hans from previously and have been impressed by their courage and skill both in terms of successful customer assignments and their company building skills. We really look forward to working together now," says Martin Petersson, President and CEO of H&H Group.

For employees and customers, the acquisition does not involve any direct changes in day-to-day operations.

"The goal is of course to benefit from being part of a larger group to become even more attractive for both customers and for employees. We know that H&H Group can provide us with those opportunities," says Hans Bylund at BB Communications Group.


Joachim Berntzon, Founder & Senior consultant
Tel: +46 708 644 235
E-mail: joachim@bbcommgroup.se

Hans Bylund, Founder & Senior consultant
Tel: +46 708 644 447
E-mail: hans@bbcommgroup.se

Martin Petersson, President and CEO of H&H Group.
Tel: +46 709 711 291
E-mail: martin.petersson@halvarssongroup.com


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