H&H Group invests in modern opinion analysis – Axiom Insight new agency

Axiom Insight will, with a new form of opinion analysis, assist clients in designing messages that the recipient perceives, understands and accepts. Other companies are investigating WHAT people think, but Axiom’s niche is to find out WHY people think as they do thus create more effective communication. Axiom will work with qualitative methods as well as in-depth interviews, focus groups and web discussions as well as various quantitative methods.


Tove Jarl, who was previously responsible for opinion analysis at Confederation of Swedish Enterprise becomes CEO of Axiom and Lars Göran Johansson, formerly executive vice president and head of communication at Confederation of Swedish Enterprise with extensive experience from opinion analysis becomes executive chairman and co-owner when Axiom Insight is founded together with H&H Group.


Tove Jarl, vd

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